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Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Her carefully constructed life in the big city has fallen apart, but a second chance at life and love awaits in the quiet town of Chestnut Springs. A novel set in a neoliberal dystopia. Review Along with Uncle Tom's Cabin , Ramona is considered one of the great propaganda novels of the nineteenth century. Signet classics Mass Market Paperback: Signet Classics August 2, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. What can I say about a book which has been a well known and influential American classic since well over a hundred years? I guess I could start by telling my personal relationship to the story. I get my mail in a town called Ramona, where some of the significant events of the story took place.

I live in the nearby San Pasqual Valley where other significant parts of the story happened. I have a close friend member of the Kumeyaay nation, original inhabitants of the area, who tells me stories of his family related to events described in the book. There were many unpleasant happenings. For example, his grandmother's band dug a pit in which to hide the nubile daughters of the village whenever sentries warned that white men were approaching.

They would put the girls in the pit and pile boards and brush on it to save them from being raped. I attended the Ramona Pageant in Hemet a number of times. So the story as a whole lies close to my person. With all that,, I have some quibbles with the book. The particular copy I purchased from Amazon is a "print on demand" version which has none of the standard front matter.

The story starts abruptly on the back side of the title page. There is a brief and somewhat inaccurate summary of the story on the back cover. Cover may not represent actual copy or condition available. One of the greatest ethical novels of the nineteenth century, this is a tale of true love tested. Set in Old California, this powerful narrative richly depicts the life of the fading Spanish order, the oppression of tribal American communities and inevitably, the brutal intrusion of white settlers.

Ramona, an illegitimate orphan, grows up as the ward of the overbearing Senora Moreno. But her desire for Alessandro, a Native American, makes her an outcast and fugitive Try adding this search to your want list. Millions of books are added to our site everyday and when we find one that matches your search, we'll send you an e-mail. Best of all, it's free. Did you know that since , Biblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America? Biblio is a marketplace for book collectors comprised of thousands of independent, professional booksellers, located all over the world, who list their books for sale online so that customers like you can find them!

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Your order is also backed by our In-Stock Guarantee! And the evil stepmother, Senora Moreno's treatment of Ramona, similar to Cin I read this as a teenager, and now for the second time as an adult. And the evil stepmother, Senora Moreno's treatment of Ramona, similar to Cindrella. The story seemed to be connected to fair tales and classic stories. As an adult, the book took on more meaning, the ending for example. It's a mixed ending, Alessandro dies, but Ramona survives and is rescued by Felipe. Living a whole other life happily as his wife with many children.

They move to Mexico to where the Morena family originates. I'm not sure what the author is saying, because they had to leave California in order to live happily ever after. The treatment of the California Indians seemed far worse in reading this from an adult perspective. Dec 10, StrangeBedfellows rated it did not like it. I was assigned to read this for my American Lit class. The class is structured around the topic of the Wild West, and Westerns apparently developed as a response to something called domestic fiction.

What is domestic fiction, you might ask. Well, imagine a bunch of self-righteous middle class women seeking to reform society through tales of disadvantaged young heroines who triumph over adversity through virtue, piety, and kindness. Are you nauseous yet? Now add some saccharine-sweet sentimentali I was assigned to read this for my American Lit class. Now add some saccharine-sweet sentimentality, intended to manipulate your interpretation of the book through an abundance of emotion, and you have domestic fiction.

Ready to heave now? Because you're sure to be heaving after trudging your way through Ramona, hopefully my last foray into domestic fiction. I understand now, more than ever, why Virginia Woolf felt it necessary to kill off the Angel in the House. What's the story about? Do you really care? Run away, far away. Go read something violent. Feb 22, Colleen rated it it was amazing. This is a heartbreaking and yet uplifting tale of a young woman named Ramona.

Through life's ups and downs Ramona experiences despair, love, passion, freedom, frustration and loss. It is truly a masterpiece. Although my heart was crushed into tiny slobbery bits, this book still left me happy. Maybe it was the epic tale, the brilliant writing, the beautiful descriptions. Or perhaps it was Ramona herself.

She is one of those unforgettable characters who will stay with you always. Like Jane Eyre or This is a heartbreaking and yet uplifting tale of a young woman named Ramona. Yet, she has a vulnerability to her that makes her so believable. I read this book many years ago and yet Ramona's fascinating journey stays within my heart, always. Oct 15, Paty rated it really liked it. A beautiful but tragic romance between two lovers one a half-breed, the other a Native American during the time American settlers took over California displacing the Native Americans, Mexicans, and Spanish landowners who had been living there.

Helen Hunt Jackson really paints a vivid picture of what life was like during those times in California and the horrors of being cast of one's land using cruel and injustice tactics. I can understand why Alessandro withers away from the man he I loved it. I can understand why Alessandro withers away from the man he once was.

Dec 26, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: This book is on a fascinating range of lists - the first California love story, the book that gave Southern California an identity, the "Anne of Green Gables" of So. Definitely not a work of art, but as a historical time capsule and literary work, worth reading. Feb 22, Becca rated it it was amazing.

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It could probably be classified as propaganda--that is, literature with a cause. It's a fictional work covering actual events. The truth of it shines out with great power. Jackson shows the series of broken treaties with the Native American people through the lives of Ramona and Alessandro.

A very powerful book that had a great impact on this nation. Jan 05, Ebirdy rated it really liked it Shelves: Some of the dialogue seems very stereotypical, and I can see why the message about the plight of the Indians in California might have been lost on some, but much of Hunt's story retains it's original power, and it reads easily years later. Mar 01, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Was supposed to read it back then.

Long read, longer than its page count, but worth it. Especially if you've spent any time down around Santa Barbara and Ventura. Jul 07, Christine rated it liked it. This book had been on my list to read for awhile since it talks about southern California where I live. The historical parts were interesting to me and now I know why my nieces high school is named Ramona, and I live next to a major street named Allesandro.

The story itself was melodramatic and contrived to pull at heartstrings. I felt like I was watching an overly acted silent black and white picture and I could tell that it was written long ago. It was written to tell the plight of the Indians This book had been on my list to read for awhile since it talks about southern California where I live. It was written to tell the plight of the Indians but ended up focusing more on the saintly yet tragic main characters who were buffeted through life because of their Indian blood.

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I started skipping through wordy passages to get through the story after awhile. An interesting read and it kept me captivated enough to want to know what happened to Ramona and Allesandro. Jan 01, Lauren rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who likes a romance with a deep message. Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson is a book that was assigned to me for school to write an analysis paper on. When I read the description of the book, I thought it was intriguing and was eager to start it.

The first chapter or two are somewhat slow, but once you really read the story and immerse yourself in the vivid descriptions and beautiful word usage, you can absolutely picture yourself in the landscapes described so wonderfully by Jackson. This tale follows a girl of nineteen named Ramona, who li Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson is a book that was assigned to me for school to write an analysis paper on.

This tale follows a girl of nineteen named Ramona, who lives on the estate of a woman called the Senora Moreno, whose husband died and whose son, Felipe, is weakened by illness. The beginning of the book sets the story in the Moreno estate, in Southern California, at sheep-shearing time. Felipe was ill and the shearing had to be put off until he was stronger, something which greatly annoyed him.

See a Problem?

Though Felipe was the man of the house, the Senora runs the place and sees to it that everything works smoothly. A man named Alessandro comes with his sheep-shearing group to assist in the work, and Felipe is supposed to rest while it is done. Instead, he decides to help, and becomes weaker, and Alessandro decides to stay until he is well. Ramona, the main character of the story, is a half-Indian girl whose father had entrusted her care to his former lover, a woman named Ramona Ortegna.

When Senora Ortegna died, little Ramona was sent to live with Senora Ortegna's sister, the Senora Moreno, where she has lived for fourteen years. During Alessandro's stay, Ramona at first believed Alessandro loves a maid girl named Margarita, and so avoided him. Many of the people at the ranch were convinced she was in love with Felipe, and she thought so of herself. The longer that Alessandro stayed with them, however, the more Ramona realized that he loved her, and she began to feel amorously towards him as well.

The book is mostly centered around Ramona and Alessandro; and I will leave off any more description in order to prevent spoilers. Know also that this story is also majorly about social injustices towards Indians. The rest of this review will be my opinion and afterthoughts on the story I absolutely recommend this book. Alessandro was an excellent character and husband, but to me, Felipe knew Ramona the best and probably loved her more than any one could love her.

The ending was great, to me. I was really happy about that. There were two horrible tragedies in this story - the death of Ramona's first baby, and the murder of Alessandro. I'm not sure which of these I was more upset about. Alessandro's death was such a shock to me, while the baby's was somewhat obvious and it seemed unavoidable. However, both of these events were sad and it really drove the story's message about the injustices done to Indians in those days I believe it was the 19th century - I don't recall if it was really mentioned when it was, but it seemed like 19th century.

I don't really understand the complete hatred and animosity of the Senora Moreno. She was very hateful towards Ramona. It seems like, if she had allowed Ramona to marry Alessandro, and had given them her blessing, the two of them may have left anyway, and she would have been free of Ramona, whom she considered a burden and a nuisance. Feb 04, Gale rated it it was amazing Shelves: After the Secularization of the 21 missions in the chain founded by Father Serra, the California of the grandees slowly, inevitably began to fade into historical memory.

Three groups were drastically affected by the disintegration of this social system--admittedly not free of innate injustice. Ruin fell upon the devout Franciscan fathers, the Hispanic hidalgos who had received vast estates from the King of Spain, and the Native Americans who first respected the land--ever at the bottom of the social chain.

Depicted as the underlying moral evil of all three groups are the Yankees--Americans in general, whose greed and violence destroyed innocent lives, trampled decades of royal justice and raped the landscape of Alta California with wanton violence and callous indifference. Dispersed among these recriminations and regrets the author weaves a grimly fascinating tapestry of love, psychological brutality, outraged or warped honor and overbearing pride.

A master at manipulation the ruthless dowager wields absolute power over her vast household and retainers--deferring only to aged Father Salvierderra, for whom she has had a chapel built.

9780451528421 - Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson

Keeping selfish secrets about her dead sister's half-breed daughter; after all who considered a marriage between a white man and an squaw valid? Senora Moreno hoards the jewels and denies the love intended for the girl. Obeying only the letter of her promise to her sister, she never meant to honor the spirit of motherhood--thus condemning Ramona to be raised devoid of affection.

At 19 Ramona is lovely, sweet, gentle and genteel thanks to her convent training , but sheltered in a simple country lifestyle--where she is kept in ignorance of the reality of the present world and her own, mysterious past. This tenuous status quo changes when the annual sheep shearing occurs, the year that year-old Alessandro, the educated son of a chief, leads his band of Native American to the hacienda.

Their hidden love smolders until it erupts in a passionate embrace, which is unfortunately witnessed and misinterpreted by the shocked Senora. Her outraged reaction and fierce determination to punish the culprits guilty only of chaste but interracial love sets in motion a chain of events which result in both the lovers' fleeing the rancho. There follow years of persecution for this doomed pair, as they seek merely to live peacefully--in harmony with nature and man. Jackson weaves some serious themes into her novel: Partly a novel of social protest RAMONA--despite its semi-tragic denouement--remains a classic tale of old California, whose pathos and passion reach out a century later to touch modern readers.

Great literature is "Great" provided the notion that such books worthy of this distinction are virtually guaranteed to satisfy; and there is more to absorb, yet as much as there is given. This book is like a perfectly aged wine in that it only grows sweeter with an artful bitter undertone, the further you get in the narrati Great literature is "Great" provided the notion that such books worthy of this distinction are virtually guaranteed to satisfy; and there is more to absorb, yet as much as there is given.

This book is like a perfectly aged wine in that it only grows sweeter with an artful bitter undertone, the further you get in the narrative, the more time that elapses among readings, liked timed and patient sips. It is one of those books you do want to end, but, at the same time, yearn for that peaceful resolve to its enthralling arc. The narrative is much like an archetypal design plot for a telenovela. Ramona, or Majella, as she is known by the numerous California-based Native American tribes that appear in the story, is religious, innocent, and beautiful, young Moreno princess of the Mexican California Republic with a dark and secret past.

After her falling in love with the young, handsome, and honest Temeculan, Alessandro, was discovered by the matriarch of the noble estate of her residence, Ramona is cast out with her young Native American prince into a world of love-filled devotion wrought with hardship and despair.

The story is set in the mid-to-late s when the Anglo-Americans where beginning their hostile settlement of Southern California.

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  • As such, the couple is driven from one paradise to another, until they are left with no options but to seek refuge in a hidden canyon on a mountain peak. And Jackson has a remarkable way of unearthing the psychological states and motivations of her characters that gives a potentially superficial type of romance novel into a true work of literary depth. Much of the writing provokes an emotional reaction. Her fleshing out of characters makes us care for and admire the heroes and heroines of the story just as much as we harbor a disdain for the villains.

    I wonder if Aunt Ri was meant to be a direct characterization of Jackson's personality and sentiment. This writing in this book is so rich, I am not sure if I would like to see any of three film versions based on it because I am afraid it might blemish the delectable taste it has left in my heart and mind. Bottom line if you are Californian, read it. Apr 05, Wayne Walker rated it really liked it. However, she falls in love with the San Luis Indian from the village of Temecula, Alessandro Assis, who heads the sheepshearers.

    Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson

    Unfortunately a Moreno serving girl Margarita also loves Alessandro and causes trouble. When Alessandro asks Ramona to run away with him, Senora Moreno becomes very angry. What will happen to Ramona? The story is fictional, but many of the details are based on various true events.

    Obviously, the book is very pro-Indian rights, but while there are always two sides to every story, it is certainly important that we be aware of how white people and even our government often mistreated Native Americans. Ramona is written in the form of a romance that would be most appealing to teenage girls and women.